The Most Effective Hood Filter Cleaning Service In Hartford, CT

Dealing with hood filters is time-consuming. Leave the task up to Kitchen Hood of New England. We offer restaurant cleaning services that will scrub the grease out of your kitchen hood filters.

A nasty hood filter in your commercial kitchen is like a disaster waiting to explode. As a professional kitchen cleaning company in Hartford, we know exactly what needs to be cleaned and how frequent intensive cleaning must happen.

Our services are not limited to restaurants, we clean hood filters in hotels, hospitals, event centers, universities, nursing homes, and cafeterias too.

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#1 Commercial Hood Filter Cleaning Near Hartford

The exhaust hood system and hood filter act as grease collectors. These kitchen equipment appliances prevent serious fire hazards. According to the standard exhaust hood and ventilation regulations, the entire exhaust and hood filters must be cleaned routinely.

You can count on Kitchen Hood of New England to clean your hood filters. Our skilled hood cleaners in Hartford have worked on numerous cleaning projects and have experienced deep cleaning different types of hood filters.


  • Basic stainless steel grease filters
  • Riveted exhaust hood filters
  • Solo hood filter with bottom hooks
  • Heavy-duty galvanized grease filter
  • Filters with locking handles
  • Standard galvanized grease filter
  • Standard aluminum grease filter
  • Specialty hood filters
  • Welded grease filters
  • Custom size hood filters
  • Low volume stainless steel exhaust hood filter
  • Hinged hood filters
hood filter cleaning service around Hartford

Aside from the various hood filters, our cleaning crew is capable of keeping the vent hoods, ductwork, exhaust fan, and grease trap up to standards. 

Kitchen Hood of New England is the best team for obtaining wonderful hood filter cleaning solutions. We will not only clean your hood filters but offer insights on what you can do to make them last much longer.  We will also give you easy ways to maintain and clean the hood filters, no matter what type. 

Dial our number and schedule a hood filter cleaning with us. Need an emergency cleaning service? We might be able to help with that too!

    Hood Filter Cleaning Service Schedules

    Our cleaning method and recommended frequency of hood filter cleaning will be based on the volume or frequency of food preparation happening in your commercial kitchen. We offer a flexible schedule, so you can arrange a restaurant cleaning with us after business hours. That way, you can remain operational during the day.

    Kitchen Hood of New England offers daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly hood cleaning services and maintenance which include hood filter cleaning.

    Here is what we recommend for hood filter cleaning:

    Weekly cleaning.

    The hood filter should be washed and sanitized at least once a week when used non-stop and cooking operation is high volume. 

    Monthly cleaning

    Cleaning of the hood filter should be done monthly when kitchen equipment and appliances operate at a medium to a high level.

    Yearly cleaning

    The exhaust hood filter must be cleaned or replaced yearly, especially when used frequently.

    Want to know how hood filter cleaning procedures work for restaurants or commercial kitchens in Hartford? Get in touch with Kitchen Hood of New England via phone and we will give you the information you need.

    How We Clean The Exhaust Hood Filter

    Why wait until the hood filter is filthy and requires replacement? Kitchen Hood of New England can perform regular inspection and washing that will make the hood filter and exhaust hood system significantly clean.

    Here is what you can expect from our hood cleaning company:

    • A cleaning project timeline with an accurate hood filter cleaning estimate
    • Inspection and assessment of the exhaust hood system
    • Other essential cleaning jobs that will improve the appearance of the whole hood range

    What our kitchen hood cleaning experts will need from you is basic information regarding your restaurant cleaning requirements. Once you provide us with the details we need to come up with the best cleaning approach and cost estimate, we can begin the cleaning process.

    Do you need a hood filter cleaning specialist? Kitchen Hood of New England is the top hood cleaning company in Hartford, CT trusted by hundreds of customers. Discover what we can do for your business. Call us now.


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