Did you know that fats, oils, grease, and solids can cause expensive damage to your kitchen sink? FOGS can cause blockage in the main pipelines, or worse, cause a leak, or burst the pipe.

To prevent unnecessary expenses, you need a professional restaurant cleaning company. A local and seasoned team that can do grease trap cleaning. Kitchen Hood Of New England are a team of dedicated restaurant sanitizing experts who can tackle the FOGS collected in your grease trap.

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Grease Trap Cleaning Services That Offers Best Results

The fats, oils, grease, and solids left inside the grease trap basin or the grease trap filter can cause a mess and affect the effectiveness of the grease trap device, and unfortunately, some Hartford kitchen cleaning companies fail to pay attention to this. 

At Kitchen Hood Of New England, we follow a proven grease trap cleaning process. We can ensure the grease trap is cleaned from the inside out. Our team uses only the best grease trap cleaning strategies to get rid of the FOGS in the device.

We follow these steps to guarantee safe and effective cleaning of the grease trap:

  • Careful removal of the grease trap lid. Our technicians will gently disassemble the grease trap, then prepare it for cleaning and drying.
  • Inspect the FOGS collected in the grease trap, checking the level of grease and oil and record it in our reports.
  • We will scoop out the grease using a heavy-duty cleaning scoop and bucket. Once that is done, we will pump out the water from the grease trap and set it aside. 
  • W will then scrub and scrape the grease trap, removing any excess grease and buildup from the bottom and sides.
  • After deep cleaning the grease trap device, we will assemble it again. Our kitchen cleaning team and technicians will then reinstall it under the sink.

Need a Hartford, CT grease trap cleaning? Kitchen Hood Of New England might be the cleaning crew you are looking for.


    Can you imagine your sink getting clogged? That can cause delays in your operations. Because we know exactly how it feels, our restaurant cleaning company is here to help. We are encouraging our clients to regularly have their grease trap cleaned and maintained.

    If you are having second thoughts about hiring a grease trap cleaning team, worry no more! Kitchen Hood Of New England is a dependable and honest kitchen cleaning company. We will guide you from the start of the cleaning process until the sink is back in order.

    Grease trap cleaning and maintenance: you neet it too


    Our restaurant sanitizing experts have a wealth of experience in deep cleaning grease traps from having helped many Hartford restaurants already. 

    • We make our clients our priority.
    • We guarantee our processes involve initial discussion and agreement on terms and conditions.
    • We have a full team of restaurant sanitizing experts, all ready to deliver exceptional grease cleaning services. 

    The future of your business can be affected by how much you care about your kitchen, including the appliances and equipment. With our grease trap cleaning process, you can scratch the FOGS out of your list of worries.

    But how can you tell if your current grease trap device is ready for a grease trap cleaning or replacement?

    • When local health and safety boards request it due to grease leaking into the main waterways.
    • When you notice clogging in your sink or smell a bad odor coming from the pipelines.
    • When you are preparing for an upcoming inspection.

    Contact us to schedule grease trap maintenance and cleaning, or consult with our expert grease trap cleaners with us right away.

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    We know that Hartford, CT businesses must be kept clean to pass all sanitary and safety inspections. So, if you are looking for a restaurant cleaning company that can tackle the FOGS in your grease trap, call us. Kitchen Hood Of New England is a local and professional Hartford-based grease trap cleaning company. Whether you need a service for cleaning grease traps or other equipment, we’ve got you covered.

    For trusted and reliable Hartford, CT grease trap cleaning services, contact Kitchen Hood Of New England today.

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